Öhlins suspension for Mercedes Benz G-class

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This high performing shock absorber kit based on the ORQ-series for the Mercedes Benz G-Wagen.

This kit is based on the well proven Öhlins 16/46 shock absorbers using a 16 mm piston shaft in combination with a 46 mm piston.

The shock absorber is designed for original wheel travel and OE springs even if they are prepared so that they could be modified by Öhlins service workshops to have extended stroke and to be used with option springs.

The kit has been tested on several different roads and different surfaces to find the best setting for comfort as well as highest possible performance in regards of car handling.

Further information are available in the attached product news as well as on or website.

Öhlins ORQ for Mercedes Benz G-class front

Öhlins ORQ for Mercedes Benz G-class rear

Product news Mercedes G-class german (269,1 KB)
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